Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-Up - 12/13/2017

This month has just about killed me.  My family has run into so many troubles this month that I don't think I can do anything else but stay afloat.  A week after my roof opened up and leaked into my bedroom and office, I rear-ended a pick-up and totaled my car.  My insurance has to be shaking its head about now.

It's gotten me to realize that I need to take a bit of a break.  Old School Evil is going to go on hiatus for the rest of the year - with a few exceptions, in case Banzai Retro Club is going to have a crossover post for Christmas.  With the 8th round of Bad Guy Beatdown just finished up, the first tier is halfway done, so it feels like a good time to take a break.  I'll post a summary in the beginning of January and we'll go on to our next fight - Overloard vs Overloard, Spiral Zone's and Blackstar's villains.

Once the new year starts, I'll jump back in to editing, writing, and design works for Old School Evil and the sequel.  But until then... I'm done with 2017.

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