Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bad Guy Beatdown Recap

It's 2018 and Old School Evil is back in action!  This year promises big things for Old School Evil, most of which I will save for tomorrow's wrap-up post, but one thing I'm looking for is finishing the 80s cartoon villain tournament, Bad Guy Beatdown!  We've gone through half of the first tier so far, and we've got a year to finish it up.  Luckily, once I go through the rest of the first tier, I won't have to do the respect posts for each combatant, so it'll go a lot quicker.  Before we move onto the next battle though, I think it's a good time to recap what has happened so far.

After abducting Evil-Lyn, the Queen plans to add Eternia to her Crown Empire.  Skeletor goes to face the would-be world conqueror, claiming to be the rightful ruler of the planet.  Even though her telepathic abilities were great, Skeletor's stronger and more varied powers protected him.  He discovers her powers and Slaver Lords were linked to the Psychocrystals in her throne room. Skeletor destroys them, putting her in a coma, before stealing one for himself.

Having crashed on New Texas on his way back to Gobotron, Cy-Kill caught the attention of Stampede. Tex Hex attacked Cy-Kill, thinking he was Bravestarr's replacement stead, especially after Cy-Kill changed to robot mode.  Cy-Kill flew around Tex Hex's laser fire, but he couldn't evade the giant fire snakes that grabbed him out of the sky.  As Cy-Kill struggled to escape the serpents' grasp, Tex Hex blasted the Go-Bot's metal skull off before crushing his organic brain.

T-Ray comes to Earth while chasing the Tigersharks, butt Scorch finds him first.  Impressed with the Manterra's space-flying capabilities, he attack's T-Ray but is quickly out-gunned.  T-Ray manages to disable most systems of Scorch's Torch, and revels in his victory when the attacker disappears.  Instead of retreating though, Scorch used his plane's time travel powers and blew the Manterra out of the sky as soon as it entered Earth's atmosphere. 

In search of a cosmic meteor, Megatron and Miles Mayhem clash.  Switchblade avoids most of Megatron's cannon fire in helicopter mode, but when he changed to jet mode, the lack on maneuverability lets allows Megatron to score a hit.  Mayhem bails and faces off against Megatron one-on-one; the acid from his viper mask is stronger enough to damage even Cybertronian metal, but not fast enough to stop Megatron from crushing him in an iron fist.

Doc Terror and Hacker detect super strong metal in the Shadow Star and fly out to mine it, unaware of Umbra's presence inside.  The sentient computer sends hordes of Shadowbeasts to attack him, making easy work of the Terrordrone army.  Running out of options, Doc Terror throws the defeated Shadowbeasts into his cyborg making machine, creating a new army of monstrous cyborgs capable of destroying the Shadow Fortress with Umbra inside.

Dr. Scarab's bionic henchmen are about to break into a cybernetics lab, but Big Boss's minions beat them to it.  Dr. Scarab's bionic detecting eye finds out they're wearing mechanical suits, but they were no match for Dr. Scarab's superior bionic handiwork.  With his leadership, Glove and the Mechanic defeat Big Boss's goons.  Using their Bionic masking device, they sneak into Big Boss's office and he immediately surrenders without a fight.  

Looking to bolster his powers, Venger visits Lady Diaolyn's castle under the guise of a partnership.  She immediately accepts, planning to marry him and become queen.  He admits he doesn't care about her and only wants the Specters of Darkness.  Furious, she uses their powers to transform into a dragon, but since she's nowhere near as powerful as Tiamat, he defeats her and, seeing how weak the Specters are, destroys them.

Finding the planet Symbion rich with vegetation, Saw Boss sends the Monster Minds to investigate.  Thinking the plant vehicles are new mounts for Warriors of the Light, General Spidrax defeats a group of troopers and gains Saw Boss's attention.  He teleports to the planet and faces off with Spidrax, changing into a giant Saw Trooper.  Initially avoiding Saw Boss's attacks by flying out of reach, Spidrax is caught in a net of vines and is sliced apart.

Round 9 - Overlord vs. Overlord
Next week, we'll be getting back to new matches and meeting the first of the two combatants as the worlds of Spiral Zone and Blackstar clash!  If you want to go back and see any of the respect posts for any of the villains that have fought before, make sure to click here for the main post.

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