Monday, January 8, 2018

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 9 - Overlord vs. Overlord

Before I begin, I need to make a clarification. In Blackstar, the main villain is referred to as the Overlord, not just Overlord. I didn't notice it until I was researching for this fight.

Anyway, on to the fighter. Overlord is fittingly, the roller of the planet Sagar, where Astronaut John Blackstar crash lands after being sucked through a wormhole. The Overlord seems to unite the two halves of the PowerStar, a relief that would give him unimaginable power. He possesses half of it, the Power Sword while Blackstar wields the other half, the Star Sword. Each half of the PowerStar is still very powerful, granting abilities to each of their owners.

The Overlord is down using his Power Sword in 8 of the show's thirteen episodes, with him not making an appearance in 4 of the episodes and only showing up on a monitor in the last one. If those episodes he did appear in, the Overlord uses the Power Sword to shoot beams of energy and, in contrast to the usual Filmation patented white energy blasts, these do quite a bit of damage, blowing holes in stone walls and making boulders explode. While the Overlord had pretty good aim with the sword's blasts, he's not a very good swordsman, being bested by Blackstar in the few times they clashed with them.

Other powers granted by the sword - when powered up, the energy is so bright it's blinding, it can project an image of where the other half is located, and can deflect energy blasts from the other half (presumably, it can block other energy blasts as well). It also grants immense strength to the user, allowing the Overlord to survive getting crushed by a rockslide. Blackstar is shown to lift a boulder over his head, and we can estimate Overlord can too.

The Overlord himself is no slouch, capable of plenty of feats, like levitating the sword to his hand if he loses it, some sort of flight (either hovering or turning himself into a tornado), and hypnotising someone with beams from his eyes, though that one might be attributed to Vizier, the Overlord's companion.

Other one-off powers he has include creating a sandstorm from his hands and shooting energy from his hands without the sword. Seeing that Blackstar hasn't shown those powers, they could be the Overlord's personal abilities, or they could be errors in the writing. Seeing as Bad Guy Beatdown only users powers that show up more than one time, most of these won't apply to the fight, but the levitation will be kept.

Make sure to check back next week when we'll look at the Overlord's opponent, Spiral Zone's own Overlord.

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