Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 9 Overlord vs. Overlord Part 2

Today we're looking at the other Overlord, just Overlord this time. As opposed to many of the villains on this site who have tried to take over the world (or whatever they're trying to do), this guy had practically succeeded already. He's created the Spiral Zone, a massive cloud that has overtaken half the world and enslaved anyone inside it.

Before we get into his powers, let's talk about the Zone for a bit. Inside the Zone are generators that produce some kind of radiation or energy that creates a bluish cloud. Everyone inside that cloud grows big red lesions all over their bodies, there eyes turn yellow and they become zombies of a sorry who have no will to do anything.

Except of course, Overlord's will. Since he created the Zone, he had some sort of power over those inside, which he calls "Zoners". As soon as they're infected, he's able to control their minds, though people with a strong will, like military members might be able to resist for a while.  His mental command even works through television monitors. He's also given free will to four minions he calls the Black Widows. I forgot to add this in, but while most Zone Generators are massive buildings that can infect an entire city, Overlord had two smaller version - a pocket-sized generator Phil enough to encapsulate a large building and a helmet for single-target infection.

Unfortunately, that seems to be about the only power he has. He wears a stupid helmet, and even if it looks like antennas, they don't serve any real propose. Here's still got a few weapons, like a rifle or pistol, which he had lost soon with, and he has a backpack that shoots blackout missiles. Sometimes he wears another bigger backpack, but even though it's covered in spikes, he never uses it.

One last advantage he has is the Bullwhip Cannon. This 8-wheeled tank is his personal artillery, capable of during explosive shells (though it doesn't show a lot of damage per shot) and I'm a pretty cool move, shoots explosive bolos, which blew up a giant fallen tree.  He also possesses a jet called the Intruder, but it doesn't have a good track record, so not much point in adding it to his advantages.

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