Monday, January 22, 2018

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 9 Results

    As the ship approached the blue planet, the Overlord made a startling revelation - the bright azure color was not from the planet’s oceans, but some sort of energy field that had been lashed around the world like a whip.  His pilot, an unnamed tropper of his army back on Sagar, expressed a sudden horror and lamented following Blackstar back to his home planet.
    “Silence!” the Overlord shouted.  “I care not what has happened to this world, as long as I can retrieve the Star Sword and unite the PowerStar.  Now land this craft or you’ll reach the surface much quicker!”
The pilot shuddered and brought the ship to the ground, piercing the billowing blue field. The rear door opened and the energy - some sort of radiation filled the fuselage.  The troopers aboard immediately went slack - their faces developed read legions.  The Overlord observed their eyes turning yellow as they fell into a trance.
“No matter,” he said, exiting the craft.  Upon stepping on the ground, he felt something creeping up on him, something in the air clouding his mind.  He shook it off - as capable of hypnotising a victim’s mind as he was, he could fight off attempts to do so on himself.  Outside of the ship he noticed a meandering crowd of the planet’s denizens, just as mindless as those he brought with him.  This planet’s subjugation will be simpler than he dared dream.  He took the Power Sword from his side and pointed it before him.
A beam of light shot out from the tip of the angular blade and created a glowing orb floating in the air.  The surface of the ball of light shimmered before a vision developed.  “No!” the Overlord shouted, witnessing the smouldering wreck of Blackstar’s ship.  Surrounding the debris was a squad of red-faced soldiers, similar to the people near him, but apparently acting of their own free will.  “I will not allow them to keep the Star Sword from me!”
“Is there anything worthwhile on board?” Razorback asked, standing outside as the rest of the Black Widows rummaged through the crashed ship.
“Why don’t you came and help us find out?” Duchess replied.
“Because Overlord put me in charge of this mission!”
“No, I’m in charge of this mission.”  Razorback spun around to find Overlord directly behind him.  “And every other mission.  Don’t forget it, Razorback.”
“Of course not, sir,” he said, rushing into the wreckage.
“My readings show something incredibly powerful here, Black Widows.  Find it for me, and we’ll finally be able to charge the Zone Generators high enough to take over the entire world.”  Overlord leaned back on his Bullwhip Cannon and watched his minions work.
“Overlord!” Bandit yelled from the front of the craft.  “I’ve found a body.”
He turned his head to a group of Zoners that had amasses around the ship.  “Go help him clear out the rubble and bring me anything interesting,” Overlord told them.  The group wavered before turning to the ship and following Overlord’s orders.  He hadn’t brought any of his formal troopers for just a recon mission, but civilian Zoners work just as well for manual labor.
A Zoner in a ripped sweater vest emerged from the ship carrying a large shining crystal.  “Hey,” Bandit yelped, “I was going to grab that!”  Zoner stumbled towards Overlord, presenting the object.  As it came closer, Overlord noticed whatever it was, it was shaped like a rudimentary sword.  Overlord doubted such an archaic weapon could match his technology, and worse than that, it looked completely uncomfortable to hold.  Worthless.
Just as the Zoner was handing it to Overlord, a blast of white energy struck the Zoner and sent him flying into the craft where it was impaled on a twisted piece of metal.  The sword fell to the ground with a clang.  Overlord reached down but recoiled as soon as the sword rattled on the ground and levitated into the air.
“That sword is mine,” the newcomer said, gesturing for the sword to come to him.  The blade complied as easily as a Zoner did to Overlord’s will.  
“I don’t know who you are or why you can resist the Zone,” Overlord said, pulling a pistol from its holster, “but that sword, and everything else here, belongs to Overlord.”
“You are entirely right,” the purple-faced man said, “Everything belongs to the Overlord.”  Just before the sword reached his grasp, a shot rang out and glanced the blade.  The weapon skittered off onto the ground.  
Overlord aimed the gun up, towards the alien’s head.  “I may not be able to control you, but I can defeat you.  Black Widows, take this fool!”  His troopers emerged from the ship, aiming their weapons past him.
The interloper drew a matching sword from his side, aimed it at the crashed ship, and fired a beam of energy.  Overlord felt the incredible power of the blast as it shot past him - if he’d been on the receiving end, he’d surely have been vaporized.  Instead it struck the ship’s remains, causing a massive explosion that blew the Black Widows and an untold number of Zoners to pieces.  
As the sword swung around to point at him, Overlord panicked for a moment.  But only a moment.  He knelt down and fired two missiles from his backpack.  Rather than aiming directly at the alien, they streaked into the air and exploded above them both, swallowing the sky in inky darkness.
Overlord  scrambled to find the seat of his 8-wheeled tank in the dark, hoping the sensors can find the swordsman even through the void.  Before he could fire up the vehicle, however, a bright flash of light banished the darkness.
The alien held up his sword as it emanated such white energy - if the sky wasn’t pitch black a moment before, Overlord would have definitely been blinded.  
It did make aiming easier.  He spun the Bullwhip Cannon to face his opponent and slammed down the trigger.  The cannon fired, throwing a charged bolo at its target.  As soon as it hits him, the energized chains will wrap around him moments before exploding.  The weapon was powerful enough to clear a forest, it would have no trouble taking down the alien.
If the bolo worked - being sliced in half by the interloper’s sword sent the two sections flying in different directions where they exploded far away from their target.  Overlord shot a second time, a regular energy blast but still strong enough to incinerate a human - or whatever this other Overlord was.  
Strolling towards Overlord, the swordsman deflected each blast with his blade.  Depleted of ammunition, Overlord attempted to run his foe over with this tank, but another beam of light from the sword sent the vehicle flipping over on its side.  
Overlord crawled out from under the vehicle to find he had landed right next to the sword pulled from the ship’s wreckage.  He grasped it, the sword’s square hilt biting into his hand, and prepared to meet the other Overlord in melee combat.
As soon as he got to his feet, the second blade came slicing down through Overlord’s wrist.  A second slash cleaved Overlord in two, the purple face of death being the last thing he ever saw.

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Spiral Zone's Overlord had only one real advantage and that's his control of Zoners. That unfortunately only applies to opponents who want to keep the innocent zombies safe, something I doubt other Overlord would ever care about. His tech, mainly the Bullwhip Cannon is marginally impressive, but obviously no match for the Power Sword our the Overlord's other various abilities. The only questionable thing I included here is the z Overlord being immune to the Zone's mind controlling ability, but I think someone capable of doing some kind of hypnosis would be potentially unaffected by it, though he'd be able to acknowledge it.

The Winner

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