Friday, January 12, 2018

Top 5 Cartoons that Deserve a Reboot like She-ra

With the news of Netflix rebooting She-ra on the heels of their incredible Voltron series, I thought it would be great to look at five more cartoons that deserve a second chance by creators that grew up watching them.

Sky Commanders
Sky Commanders had a great premise - a massive energy source opens I fissure in the South Pacific ocean and creates a brand new continent. Made up of rough spires of rock that it up into the sky, the landscape is only accessable to mountaineers using ziplines to navigate it. Mike Summit leads the Sky Commanders I'm keeping the energy source from General Plague's Raiders.
The Reason
I'm always a sucker for cartoons that have the world in danger as the setting.
The Reboot
Get rid of the ziplines - they were a cool action features in the old days, but outdated now. Update them to jetpacks! I would also increase the stakes by making the energy source and new continent be a real threat to the rest of the planet, so Summit had to fight not only the Raiders (who I'd rename) and the continual spread of the radiation.

Wildfire follows the story of Princess Sara of Shan-dar, sent away to live on Earth to protect her from her evil aunt, Lady Diabolyn and her Specters of Evil. Her only bridge between the land is the noble taking horse, Wildfire.
The ReasonWith the popularity of Netflix's Spirit Riding Free, it's obvious that the story between a girl and her horse can be a success. 
The Reboot
The biggest change I would make is turning Lady Diabolyn and her Goons into a real threat while introducing a cast of supporting characters.

The Inhumanoids centered on massive elementals released on the surface of the planet and the Earth Force that fights against them.
The Reason
Inhumanoids was more than just a kids cartoon, it was a horror show, showing people being corrupted into monsters and a giant walking corpse that ate everything in his see-through stomach. There's really nothing else like it anywhere.
The Reboot
Why even change anything? This cartoon was great as it was and only needed a chance to tell the rest of its story.

Blackstar told the story of Astronaut John Blackstar after being pulled through a black hole and crash landing on the planet Sagar. Granted powers by his half of the PowerStar, he fought against the Overlord, a tyrant that wants to unite the two halves of the series and rule the planet.
The Reason
While He-Man is obviously coming it off She-ra's reboot, I don't think it would take a lot of work to connect this show with her as well.
The Reboot
First off, get rid of the Trobbits. One annoying sidekick is bad enough, but six of them? I might have to update my account sidekick post after revisiting this show. If set the show immediately after he lands on the planet and show how he gained the series. I'd also give Klone and Mara a bigger focus, and give Overlord a bigger range of powers.

Image courtesy of Master Turtle Customs

Dinosaucers was the story about aliens that were somehow related to dinosaurs (it's not really spelled out). Upon coming to Earth, the good guys meet four humans who help them fight against the Tyrannos, while using an ability called Dinovolving, which allows the good guys to turn into full dinosaur forms.
The Reason
With how popular dinosaurs are now with Jurassic World 2 coming out soon, it's a no-brainer that a dinosaur-themed cartoon would come out.
The Reboot
I'd switch the Dinovolving ability from the Dinosaucers to the Tyrannos, giving the bad guys an advantage that the good guys need to work hard to overcome. I'd also make the link between the Dinosaucers and our prehistory more deliberate and possibly have the original of the Earth threatened by their actions.


  1. Replies
    1. I was debating between that and Sky Commanders, but I chose the later because if the setting. I got something else planned for Centurions in the future though.

  2. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors! A sprawling sci-fi/fantasy epic that never really got completed. Too ambitious for the limitations of its era, given a chance to tell its story today I believe it could become a new classic!

  3. The centurions and the pirates of the dark water