Monday, January 29, 2018

Top 5 Soundtrack Songs Pre-2000

Man am I late on this one!  Anyway, I will warn you before you get any further, this list is pretty weak.  It's just not one of my preferred subjects - most of the soundtracks I buy are scores!  I've bought a few that are full of songs, of course, but they're the minority.  Sometime I'll get into my favorite scores, but right now, the Retro Club is talking songs, so let's go.

5. "Weird Science" Oingo Boingo - Weird Science
I can't remember seeing the whole movie Weird Science, but I totally remember the song.  I was actually more of a fan of the series on USA, to be honest.  Still, the song is fun and it definitely has that 80s spirit going for it.

4. "Ghostbusters" Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters
If anyone alive int he 80s ever tells you they don't like this song, feel free to punch them in the mouth.  Ghostbusters is probably the best theme song ever made for a movie, there's no denying it.
I am so glad they were able to get the original version of it for the Real Ghostbusters cartoon, it wouldn't have felt right at all without it.

3. "Rainy Day Parade" Jill Sobule - Mystery Men
Okay, here's my freebie.  It barely comes in the timeframe for the list, with Mystery Men released in 1999, but I'm throwing it here anyway.  This is one of the first soundtracks I bought, and I used to listen to this song more than any of the others.  It was just really sweet and cute and I'm allowed to listen to that if I want to.
2. "Double Back" ZZ Top - Back to the Future III
Every 80s list is going to have a song from the Back to the Future series, it's a given.  And while most lists would probably have Huey Lewis's "Power of Love," I enjoyed ZZ Top's theme from the third one so much better.  In fact, I'd even say I like "Earth Angel" more than the main song.  It's easy to sing along to.

1. "Dare to be Stupid" "Weird Al" Yankovic - Transformers
This is the first CD I ever bought, and it was before I even had a CD player.  I scoured the stores for the cassette when the movie came out with no luck, and 10 years later, I happened to find it and snatched it up.  There are a ton of great songs on there, like Stan Bush's two epics "The Touch" and "Dare," but this Dare happens to be my absolute favorite Weird Al Song, so of course it's my favorite in the album too.

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  1. Great list - you sound as bad as me,I only bought a dvd player when Dallas was released on DVD