Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wednesday Wrap-Up - 1/3/18

2018 is promising a lot of big things for Old School Evil.  Well, not a lot of big things, but one big thing - publishing the novel in the next month and a half.  I've found my editor - Edit for Indies.  Gabriella made a great impression on me while I was searching, and I don't mean just because she's the most affordable for my book-length. She caught something none of the others did without making big changes to it.  I'm very happy with her and even better, she's got the availability to keep my book on track.  Now to make that damned cover.

I'm also pushing harder on my social media platforms.  I finally topped 300 followers on Twitter and have started to be a little more aggressive with posts and shares and connecting with other fans.  On Facebook, I am almost to that many followers, and I've joined a huge and supportive group of other authors.  Please send a like my way if you're reading this and you haven't. already.  I'm just trying to post more on both and hopefully will have a lot more online friends by the time the book goes out.

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