Sunday, February 11, 2018

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 10 - General Plague

Today we're looking at the Shredder's opponent, General Plague, leader of the... Raiders.  Whatever abilities this guy has, creativity is not one of them.

Hailing from Sky Commanders, General Plague strives to harvest the deadly energy source Pheta 7 to take over the world, willing to destroy whole continents if he has to.  When the New Frontier, a massive unstable land mass breaks through the Pacific Ocean, he mobilizes his Raiders to attack, using "laser cable" technology to traverse the craggy landscape.  While he's shown to have a large number of generic Raiders that he treats as cannon fodder, he has four named minions, including Mardok, who happens to be Plague's brother-in-law.  That's a new one.

While many of the characters in the show are bound to laser cables, riding them in awkward and uncomfortable backpacks (seriously, how can anyone stand with those things?), Plague gets around this by primarily flying in a Jackal Raider.  Yes, their equipment is also called Raiders.  As you can see, the Jackal is equipped with missiles but also has laser cannons.  Unlike most of his cartoon villain peers, he's actually a good shot with them, more often than not hitting his target in a few shots, even with something as small as a power cable.  He's also a good pilot, being able to maneuver tight canyons, make quick u-turns and even outmaneuver missiles.  The ship is fragile though and can be brought down with a single shot from a hand-held laser pistol at times.

When not flying the Jackal, Plague gets around on a Deception Raider.  Seriously, who came up with these names?  Everything has such a terrible name - even Plague's name is stupid because it makes no sense.  It's not like he wants to poison the world or anything.  And that's his real name, by the way, Lucas Plague.  Anyway, the Deception Raider, a giant metal hang-glider, which some of the other Raiders use as well.  Strangely, while the other Raiders are usually stuck to navigating the power cables with their Deception Raider, General Plague flies freely most of the time.  For weapons it has two standard missiles, voice activated in one episode.  Another ability of the Deception Raider backpack, as well as every other kind, is Hot-Wiring, which activates a power cable and sends whatever backpack is attached to it speeding along.

We've seen him fly, but what can General Plague do when he doesn't have a jet strapped to his back?  Believe it or not, even with a pistol, Plague's aim stays pretty true.  In episode 5, One on One, Plague spends most of his time stalking his nemesis, Mike Summit (ugh), and blasts him out of the sky a few times.  It's not pictured here, but he actually carries two pistols.  He's also able to break a grapple line with his bare hands once - thought it wasn't a power cable, it was still strong enough to hold those ridiculously huge backpacks, so it has to be pretty strong.

Speaking of the grapple like, all Raiders and Sky Commanders are equipped with a Grappler, which acts as a control panel for most of the their weapons and backpacks and also is thrown as a grappling hook.  Seems like you'd want to throw the hook without giving up your control panel, but whatever. 

Lastly, we've got to talk about his hand-to-hand abilities of which he has none.  Only one episode shows him actual engaging in melee combat, and he quickly loses a wrestling match with Mike Summit, even after starting with the upper hand. 

I'm starting a new feature here where I summarize the combatants' strengths and weaknesses so it's easier to refer back to when I'm writing the big fight.
Strengths: The Deception Raider backpack enables him to fire ziplines and fly, and he's a good enough pilot to avoid almost any oncoming fire.  He's also an incredible shot with hand-held weapons and whatever he's piloting.
Weaknesses: He's got no hand-to-hand abilities, so if he's ever disarmed, he's going down.

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