Monday, March 19, 2018

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 11 - Metlar

Today we're looking at the leader of the monstrous Inhumanoids, Metlar.  Trapped at the Earth's core within a magnetic field, this behemoth was busted free by a corrupt politician and set loose on the world once again.

First off, let's talk size - Inhumanoids are all giant creatures, but cartoon scale - especially Sunbow's stuff - varies a ton from episode to episode and sometimes scene to scene.  Metlar often holds a person in his hands just like the image above and because of the humans' size inside the hand, we can estimate he's about 75 feet tall (about 1-12 times larger than whoever he's holding, similar size to me holding a 6" Transformer figure).  But later in that same episode, he catches a jet in that same hand.  The jet looks similar to a Cessna Citation Encore 560, which measures almost 50' in length.  I can't even guess how big that would make Metlar.  It's so inconsistent that I'd decided to gave him a height based one one very specific scene.  After being doused with some kind of love potion, Metlar and his Inhumanoids go after spouses.  Who does Metlar chose?  Why the Statue of Liberty, of course.  From here we can estimate he's about the same height as the Statue of Liberty from foot to crown, which is 111 feet and 6 inches.

Now, to be fair, I forgot to do this for Krulos, so I'm going to go ahead and estimate him and his T Rex's height now.  Modern science has determined that the T Rex's body was held in a horizontal position and was about 12-14 feet tall at the hips.  But back in the day Dino-Riders was made, paleontologists believed T-Rex's walked upright, head in the air and tail dragging on the ground, which meant form head to toe, the T-Rex was about 18 feet tall.  
Here's where Dino-Riders goes totally bonkers.  Krulon is shown in the cartoon to be a pretty big dude, so I'm going to estimate he's a little over 6" tall.  So he's be about a third the height of a T-Rex, right?  Hell no!  Do you see that tiny red guy on top of the T Rex?  That's Krulos!  He's maybe 1/6 the size of that dinosaur, so that would put the T Rex at about 36' tall.  Still, that's only about 1/3 the height of Metlar!  

Anyway, back to the Inhumanoid.  Metlar's right at home in the core of the Earth, capable of swimming in molten magma pools.  Metlar's typical attack is reaching into the fiery lava of his throat, pulling out a massive fireball, and flinging it at his enemies.  That's incredible - not only is he a vessel of molten rock, he can grab handfuls of it to throw.  He's also immensely strong, capable of breaking off giant stalactites and throwing them or crushing tanks or helicopters in his grip.
Metlar's shown to be invulnerable to all of Earth Corps lasers, even reflecting laserfire in his hand back to at his enemies.  Another power introduced early on in the series is having hypnotic eyes capable of putting humans into a trance.  Even if it didn't show up later, it was shown in two episodes in the 5-part premier so I'm leaving it in there - but who knows if it'll work on a frog-faced creature like Krulos.

Metlar does have one glaring weakness though - he's paralyzed by magnetic fields.  Originally he was trapped by two of the Mutores (elemental Inhumanoid fighters), Crygen and Pyre, who could create magnetic fields between them when not merged into Magnokor.  A human that knew of Metlar's weakness was able to build a suit that projected magnetic fields similar to MAgnokor's halves, and was even able to control Metlar by manipulating the field.  Even more than that, when Magnokor's halves boosted their power with galvacite to destroy Metlar, they reversed the polarity of the Earth's entire magnetic field, which changed the Inhumanoids' and Mutore's personalities, making Metlar a good guy, wanting to help save the Earth.

To check out Metlar's specs, click here.  Make sure to check back next Monday to see which prehistoric titan takes the crown.

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