Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 11 - Krulos

Today we're looking at Krulos, the leader of the Rulon Empire.  While chasing the peaceful Valorians, he was sucked into a time warp and ended up on prehistoric Earth.  Both sides took to working with dinosaurs to build and defend their bases - while the good guys used telepathy to talk to their dinosaurs and became friends with them, the Rulons used "brain boxes" to mentally enslave their dinosaurs.  The main conflict in the show was Krulos's gang trying to steal the STEP (Space and Time Energy Projector) crystal so he can go back to his own time and rejoin his empire.

As a leader, Krulos is your typical 'yell at your minions as the top of your voice no matter what' kinda guy.  It's no wonder he's voiced by Frank Welker.  He generally relies on his three generals to do a lot and often beats them up when things go wrong.  On one occasion, he picked up one minion in each hand.  As far as his own feats, that's about it.  He got one major weakness as well - the glass dome over his head.  Being some sort of frog alien, he's got to keep himself wet and that bowl on his head is filled with water.  As soon as it's cracked and the water spills out, he starts drying out and is incapacitated. 

Seeing as the show is called Dino-Riders, what kind of dinosaur acts as Krulos's mode of transportation?  Why the most powerful dinosaur there is - the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Granted, it took him about 3 episodes to actually catch the T Rex, and half the time he rode a Monoclonius instead.  Let's look at the T Rex's loadout.  The Brain Box, installed on the dinosaur's head, has twin blasters.  The biggest piece of armor is on the dinosaur's back and includes two armor-piercing cannons on the side, two rear-facing blasters and a stand for Krulos to command from.  On the front of each leg is a piece of armor that has saw blades on them.  Lastly, there's a tiny breastplate on the T Rex's front that has a pair of "Death Grip Claws" that are controlled by a second pilot half the time, and are automatically controlled the rest of the time.

The blasters are pretty powerful most of the time, blowing up trees and holes in mountains over the course of the series.  The saw blades can cut through a large wooden wall with ease and the claws were strong enough to lift the cut section out and throw it.  And let's not forgot all this is on a T-Rex, which somehow took a lot of laser blasts to the face and torso without any kind of damage.  Not that the armor was so impenetrable - the armor straps and Brain Box were easily blasted or knocked off the dinosaur, rendering it uncontrollable again, usually chasing Krulos away. Another drawback that the T Rex has is that it can be easily knocked over by another dinosaur or a tremor.

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