Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wednesday Wrap-Up - 4/11/18

Man, I am so stoked that I finally have a date for my book release. I know it's about 2.5 months late and still a few weeks away, but I picked April 30th because it's far away enough to get everything done, but it's close enough that I can't forget about it. 

So on my list if stuff to do before then:

  1. Make final edits to the book based off my editor's notes. Should only take a few hours since most of them are grammatical. Also adding something to the end of the book to the it in with the character changes.
  2. Format the manuscript to ebook and pdf versions. Scrivener does both of these pretty well, so it shouldn't take more than a day to figure out. This includes picking fonts and editing two insignias to look good in the book. 
  3. Extend the cover to include the back for print versions, which will be similar to the front with a little blurb.
  4. Figure out how to upload both versions to Amazon and Createspace, which in going to get a lesson in tomorrow from an experienced independent author in my critique group (which I'm also submitting a chapter to for Old School Evil 2).

That seems to be the gist of everything on my plate, in addition to the normal Bad Guy Beatdown and semi-regular list posts. Stressing of that, my Truth about Bionic Six post from the other well is my highest viewed post ever! As for Bad Guy Beatdown goes, the lastest fight, Mumm-Ra vs. Darkstorm, will be posted the Monday before launch, but will go on hiatus for a few weeks as I focus on that, but it will continue in May.

Anyway, I gotta get back into figuring out Createspace, but I'll be back next week.

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