Monday, May 7, 2018

Top 5 Worst Cartoons to Live in

In my book Old School Evil, main character Jayce finds it that his father is a bona fide villain like from the cartoons he loves as a child. Not only that, he finds out the entire world is populated by colorful heroes that use the magic of teamwork to thwart villainous schemes to steal famous landmarks or use mind-control to enslave the human race.

It got me wondering what it would be like living in a world that these cartoons existed in. After thinking about it for a while I realized a lot of them would equal certain death. Here's a list of the worst of the bunch.

As a kid, I always wished I lived in this cartoon, riding around in a sentient Volkswagen or vandalizing a building with Rumble. But in reality, you'd be terrible paranoid of every electronic or mechanical device coming to life and trying to kill you. Imagine a world where even a cassette or camera could end your life. Only the Amish would be safe.

The same thing as Transformers but you'd be killed by robots with dumber names and more annoying voices.

It's bad enough living in a world where electronic devices and vehicles could kill you, but here you'd even have to worry about yestr and rocks becoming sentient and wanting you dead for decades of pollution. They don't have much respect for any humans since the first episode shows them threatening to kill the showss heroes. Or you could just get eaten alive by a giant with a set-through stomach.

Dungeons & Dragons
It's bad enough going through a roller coaster that dragged you into a world full of magic and monsters where someone wants to kill you and steak your mystic weapons. More so, what if the other rides at the park could take you to whatever works they represent? Say you take a ride on a coaster with the Devil on it and you wind up in the 7th circle of Hell?

Spiral Zone
You have a 50-50 chance of being turned into a braindead zombie, that kinda sucks. Most of the time you're standing around doing nothing because you have no free will but then you forced to be a trap without even knowing it. Not that the rest of the world is much better since there's always a threat if the Zone expanding to include everything else.

So there's 5 terrible cartoon works you would never want to live in. But what happens if you're loving in ALL the cartoons at one time? Find out in Old School Evil, for sale on Kindle and print and available for free on Kindle Unlimited.

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