Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Bad Guy Breakdown Round 14 - Genghis Rex

Before I go any further, I want to say one thing about Dinosaucers: it's way goofier than I remember. You know how most cartoons have a bad guy that's just kinda stupid? Always screws everything up and makes you wonder why the leader keeps them along? Well, this cartoon had two of those guys on the good side. It's just weird seeing one of the good guys doing the bumbling for once. Granted, there's still a few of these on the bad guys, the Tyrannos side, but it's just telling of the direction this show goes.

As an example of how dumb most of these guys are, in the second episode, Genghis Rex, the leader of the Tyrannos, decided to collect a fortune. Why a dinosaur-looking alien needs money, I'm not sure, but they decide to collect diamonds. And off they go to Houston. Why? Because it has the largest diamond - a baseball diamond.

On the way there though, they get tricked by a gas station owner to spend all their money, $47, on a metal detector to search for gold in the desert, then tricked again into giving the treasure chest they happen to find to the owner. Instead of just attacking this guy, they give away all the money they had, and I'm not even sure how they got that. In a sea of shows that made no sense, Dinosaucers was one of the most ridiculous. And I loved that!

Anyway onto our fighter. Genghis Rex is a big red alien from the planet of Reptilon and leader of its evil population. His usual quest is to steal the secret to Dinovolving, the good guys' technology that allowed a Dinosaucers to turn into a full-fledged dinosaur while keeping their intelligence and ability to talk.

While he doesn't have the ability to change into a smart Dino, he does have a weapon called a devolver, a pistol that has the ability to turn its target into a mindless dinosaur, or if it hits a human, devolve it into a Neanderthal. Another weapon in his arsenal is a fossilizer, which turns its target, be it Dinosaucers, human, or intimate object, into stone. Genghis also had his own personal ship, equipped with lasers and grabber claws.

So what can we say about Genghis Rex himself? He's not particularly smart or brave, as he ran away from the Neanderthal he created without any fight. He's not terribly strong either, though he was able to swing another Dinosaucer around by his tail. Then again, punching a cardboard cutout didn't break it and hitting his Ankylosaurus minion on the head made him shake his hand in pain. Still, I'd say he's stronger than any human, but not by much.

Genghis Rex's biggest advantage is his weaponry, easily. Besides that, he's pretty lackluster, which is so disappointing considering he's got a T Rex head. You would think he'd be scary, but when a gas station owner doesn't bat an eye at you, you're far from scary.

I want to apologize again for the lack of pictures. I normally write these on the computer at night or early morning but since my son has changed his sleep schedule, I haven't found the time at home. I do this at work now on my phone and reception there stinks.

If you want to check out Genghis Rex's opponent for next week's battle, Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe, click here. And check back here next week to see them go toe-to-claw.

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