Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 16- Tormack

Finally, we're into the last round of the invitationals!  After this fight, the winners of the previous rounds will start to face off!  I am so excited, but let's not get ahead of ourselves - this is going to be a good fight.  Today, we're looking at Tormack, the leader of the villainous Gerzas from Galtar and the Golden Lance!

Tormack, portrayed perfectly by the gravelly-voiced Brock Peters, is a man of huge stature and presence.  His forces have already overtaken much of the land, having killed of the royal family and massacred dozens of villages.  He's plundered the Golden Shield and seeks to possess the Golden Lance, which combined are the most powerful weapons in the world.  When Galtar, a survivor from one of the villages he destroyed, finds the lance and rescues Princess Goleeta, the rightful owner of the Golden Shield who was hidden away during Tormack's raids, he puts the full force of his Gerza army on their trail.

By himself, Tormack is an imposing figure, but doesn't have any particular strengths.  Most of the magic employed in trying to capture Galtar and his crew is cast by Crim, Tormack's sorcerer and right-hand man.  Crim is able to use the Golden Shield's connection with the lance to show Galtar and Goleeta at any time, but Tormack is not able to do that by himself, even when though the shield is in his possession.  He is able to harness its other power though, a force strong enough to repulse any attack, even from the Golden Lance. 

While normally wielding a generic sword (and not even using it to attack), Tormack uses a halberd that can shoot "bolts of doom" from its tip.  The power of the blast is strong enough to pulverize a boulder.  I just wished he used it more often, as many of his appearance had him standing around and giving orders.  Besides the second episode where he duels with Galtar, he doesn't use the power of either weapons.  Still, at least he leads his Gerzas into battle instead of sitting behind a desk, like Big Boss.

Like I just said, Tormack commands an army of Gerzas and when he's on Galtar's trail, he has at least 4-5 Gerzas in tow.  And unlike their leader, they always have those laser-blasting halberds.  They're certainly not the best of shots, but I can excuse that since they're always on horseback.  One time they actually did hit Galtar, just knocking him down, but since it's later said that the Gerzas were missing him on purpose, it can be surmised that the blast that did hit him was low powered as to not hurt him (they were leading him into a trap).

As much as I love Tormack, for his awesome voice and intimidating stature, unfortunately, he doesn't have a whole lot going for him.  Like many fantasy cartoons set on another world, other villains sometimes pursue our heroes, and Tormack gets ignored, showing up in only 9 of the 13 episodes I watched.  In the next tier of the tournament, I plan to skip over episodes that don't include our villain, so I can get 13 episodes of just them (not really going to be fair to any villains whose show didn't last that long), but that won't help Tormack now.

I will give Tormack the shield and halberd, since the shield's powers are mentioned by name and the halberds are the primary weapons of the Gerzas.  Since he always has his Gerzas with him in the field, I'm allowing his to bring three of them into the battle as well, just like Cobra Commander and the Shredder had.

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