Friday, August 24, 2018

Top 5 Cartoons I Missed

I watched a lot of cartoons as a kid.  I think half of my childhood was spent in front of the television sucking in as much of the badly-animated, high-action shows.  But with as much as I watched it, most of the time it was reruns of the same shows - Transformers, MASK, He-Man, TMNT, a few others.  When I started the Villain Retrospect series, I went through all the cartoon bad guys I knew, then I went looking for ones I never watched.  And I found a ton of them.  Some were good, some sucked, but there were only a handful of them that I really wish I had watched back then.

Galtar and the Golden Lance
Hanna-Barbera and Ruby Spears made a bunch of the non-Filmation fantasy fair I watched as a kid, namely Thundarr the Barbarian and the Pirates of Dark Water.  Thundarr had the awesome setting of post-apocalyptic Earth and Pirates had the long running story with a deeper than normal continuity.  Galtar would have fit right in there among them, with a world ruled by a powerful villain and a cast of characters that crossover in interesting ways, like Tormack's daughter Maya that sometimes fought for him and sometimes against.  And Goleeta would have totally filled my redhead crush quota.

Dungeons & Dragons
For all the same reasons as Galtar, I would have loved Dungeons & Dragons and more.  D&D had all the sorcery and magical weapons and monsters as other shows, but has six different characters, each with their own power and one of the best villains ever with Venger.  The story didn't have a lot of continuity, each episode pretty much ended with the status quo, but the fact that it had an episode (unproduced) where the kids plan to kill Venger, gives it some massive credit.

Bionic Six
As I said before, I do love when there's a team of individuals, each with their own powers or abilities.  Bionic Six has that in spades, and all wrapped around a bunch of robotic parts.  The Bennett family each as specialized upgrades, giving them ESP, laser eyes, superhuman strength or speed.  I love how different the characters are and that we get a villain that's actually funny on purpose, even if his underlings are generic.  They even get a cool activation command.

Cool powers that require eerie poems to activate them?  Hell yes!  It's great that the knights in the show have two different kinds of powers with completely different effects.  It's got the shape-shifting of Transformers and spells that could have been written by Edgar Allen Poe. I also really liked that it wasn't just the good guys vs the bad guys for world domination but that they were pit against each other by a higher power, sometimes for no reason other than to see them squabble.

Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
This show has it all - a cool setting that combined western and sci-fi elements, a bunch of interweaving stories with a ton of different characters, and a seriously kick-ass theme song.  There's a ton of great things that I can say about this cartoon, even though I've mentioned them here a number of times.  I still want to watch this whole series and I think it would benefit the most from a reboot or adaptation.  Get on it, Hollywood - No guts, no glory!

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