Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bad Guy Beatdown - Round 16 - Mon*Star

I'm feeling a little rusty getting back to this.  Today we're looking at the maniacal mob boss Mon*Star from Silverhawks.  Much like his Thundercats counterpart, Mumm-Ra, Mon*Star (it's already getting annoying having to type it like that), has two forms and calls upon an outside force to change between them.  Unlike Mumm-Ra however A) both of Mon*Star's forms are hulking brutes and B) neither of them look good.

We'll start with his looks first.  In his first form, Mon*Star looks like a Thundercats reject.  He's got the furry body and that wild mane that just screams "Lion-o's evil uncle."  In this form he's already pretty strong, able to punch a metal bar in the first episode and bend it and split the seems in his prison's outer paneling, although that could be attributed to the indirect light of the Moon-Star hitting him.

The Moon-Star is a celestial body, red in color, that emits a certain light or energy which powers Mon*Star's transformation.  In the first episode, while he's in space prison, even a sliver of direct light from the Moon-Star is enough to allow him to change to the Planet Master form.  This is the only time he's shown (in the first 13 episodes at least) to change outside of his transformation room at his lair. I don't think it's necessary though as his lair just allows him to move within the Moon-Star's rays.

In Planet Master form, Mon*Star gets an upgrade into a doofy-looking metal body, his head covered in spikes and his mouth a big sneer of fangs or bars, it's hard to tell.  He gets rocket booster in his elbows that let him fly, and it's the first time I've seen them in that location. He also has a star-tipped rifle that only shows up in this form.  It's your standard laser rifle that was strong enough to disable the Silverhawks' ship.

Besides the rifle, Mon*Star has an even more powerful attack - the Lightstar.  It's a red star that is shot out of his left eye.  Instead of a laser effect, the star flies out like a disk that Mon*Star can control.  In one instance, it's even able to split into two and each could be controlled independently.  When hitting a target, it has the power to paralyze, cause a lot of pain, and possibly even render one under Mon*Star's control.  He's not the best at controlling it though as it misses its target half the time, usually hitting one of his minions.

Besides those two attacks, Mon*Star also has under his power Skyrunner, an armored flying space squid.  Skyrunner has a few offensive abilities, like shooting a laser from a turret underneath it and shooting energy beams from his tail.  It's not particularly durable, losing in a game of chicken with the Silverhawk's mascot, Tallyhawk, which is like a fraction of its size.  In one episode, it's also hit with a disintegration ray, which caused the armor to fall off (the blast also forced Mon*Star to revert to his normal form, the only time I saw him do that in the episodes I watched).

Lastly, Mon*Star's Planet Master form is insanely durable.  He's shrugged off attacks from Skyrunner without any harm, and resisted blasts from three Silverhawks at once for a short amount of time, though he did seem to be in pain.  In one instance, he reflected laser fire back at the shooter.

Mon*Star's main weakness in the episodes I saw is not wearing a seatbelt - he's knocked off Skyrunner all the time, mostly by Bluegrass's music beams.  It shouldn't really bother him since they're in space (something the writers forgot since he always falls down off his ride instead of just away) and he has his elbow boosters anyway.  But it just happens so often and is how they beat him in half the episodes.  It's almost infuriating.

One last thing and I'm not sure if it means anything or not, but since it applies to Mumm-Ra, I thought I'd mention it here.  The Planet Master form is about twice the size of the rest of the show's characters, easily over 10 feet tall.  There's only once instance of being strong, when he peeled open a metal panel in the first episode, but I would suspect that with his size, he's got some superhuman strength.  I don't think it'll come into play in this fight, but it's something to consider.

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