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Bad Guy Beatdown Round 16 - Results

“You have something of mine, Warlord!” the voice boomed from outside Tormack’s fortress.  “I want it back now, along with the weapon he stupidly came here to retrieve.” Tormack looked to his advisor and to the prisoner at his feet.  The ox-like robot, chained and kneeling, snorted smoke and shied away from Tormack’s gaze.
“You thought you could sneak into my castle and steal the Sacred Shield?” The Gerza leader slammed the tip of his halberd into the ground at the robotic creature.  “Krimm, who calls for the release of this metal bandit?”
The old wizard waved his hands in the air creating a cloud of smoke which shimmered into an image of the outside of the castle.  Above the fortress floated an orange armored and tentacled beast. “What sort of creature is that?” Krimm asked.
Tormack rubbed his chin.  “Something that could aid me in gaining the Sacred Lance from that accursed Galtar. Gerzas, bring down that monster!”
The gate of the fortress burst open and a torrent of warriors flowed through.  Six of Tormack’s mightiest Gerzas rode horseback, each one pointing a spear into the air and shooting beams of energy at the flying creature.
The rider of the flying mount guided it higher and through each of the beams, avoiding them with surprising grace for such a large creature.  “Enough!” he shouted and the stead flew down quickly. With each of its tentacles, it grabbed one of the Gerzas and yanked them off their horses.  Flying in a circle over Tormack’s fortress, the beast through each of the Gerzas one by one over the surrounding cliffs.
Tormack watched the defeat of his best soldiers, pathetically easy which infuriated him more than anything.  The Gerzas were a force to be reckoned with, having taken over most of the world. This interloper had shamed Tormack, and though he had hundreds of more warriors to draw from to destroy this foe, Tormack felt the need to handle this one himself.
“But sire,” Krimm protested as Tormack took the Sacred Shield off the mount on his wall.  “Allow me to use my magic so that you’ll be safe.”
“No, Krimm,” Tormack scolded, arming himself with his laser halberd.  “Whoever this intruder is, he’ll fall at the leader of the Gerzas and this world’s strongest warrior.”

“Mon*Star grows impatient!  Return to me what is owed! And don’t forget the interest!”  Skyrunner floated above the fortress, bobbing up and down in the winds as if they were the currents of the sea.  The creature let loose a trill as its tentacles weaved through the air.
Below them, a lone figure road out of the gate that the unfortunate warriors had exited earlier.  He was bigger than the others and held on his arm a shiny Sacred shield, no doubt the weapon Mumbo Jumbo was searching for.  It would be worth a pretty credit, but no way could it stand up to the might of even Skyrunner’s laser cannon.
Mon*Star shot off a volley of laser fire from the turret mounted on the underside of Skyrunner’s armor.  While most of the blasts missed the rider, the final shot hit dead center. To Mon*Star’s surprise, the blast bounced off the shield and nearly hit Skyrunner’s tail.  Another valley of beams garnered the same result - any shot that hit the shield was deflected with no harm to the wielder. Perhaps it was a special weapon after all; it could conceivably deflect that blasted Bluegrass’s musical attacks as well.
“I will have that shield, warrior!” Mon*star yelled.  
“None but Tormack will possess the Sacred Shield’s powers!” the man replied, hefting his halberd into the air and shooting a torrent of energy blasts from the tip.  The warlord’s aim was truer than any of his minions’ as the blast struck Skyrunner and destroyed its turret.
Skyrunner bucked, flying backward and nearly sending Mon*Star into the air.  “You’ll pay for that!” he yelled, pulling out his star-tipped rifle and setting his sights on Tormack.  He pulled the trigger and shot a massive bolt of red lightning at the mounted man.
The shot struck Tormack’s shield, and, though the attack’s strength was great, Mon*star saw that Tormack wasn’t affected at all by it, casually batting the energy away as if it were a ball of yarn.  The cackling bolt returned a moment later, striking Mon*Star in the face and throwing him off his mount, tumbling toward the ground below.
He righted himself and held his arms to his side, the rocket thrusters in his elbows lifting him back to his precious Skyrunner.  He rubbed his metal face to clear the haze of the attack and steered Skyrunner away from another hail of lasers from Tormack’s halberd.
“A lucky shot,” Mon*star shouted, the star over his left eye glowing red, “but nothing can protect you from the Light Star!”  The glow on his eye flared, launching a disk of energy, the six points spinning like a saw blade. It buzzed through the air towards Tormack, who braced for the attack.
Right before the Light Star could touch the shield, Mon*star controlled the star to stop and circle around to Tormack’s back.  The projectile dodged around Tormack, cut a arc around him and struck the middle of his spine. The pain was instantaneous, throwing Tormack from his mount and causing him to writhe in pain on the ground.  
Mon*Star brought Skyrunner to the ground and caught Tormack as he tried to stand, each appendage in a tentacle and the shield in another.  Flying him high in the air before pulling Tormack to pieces, Mon*Star gloated, “Nothing stands in the way of the Planet Master!”
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This battle was a lot closer than anyone really considered.  Yes, Mon*star has a clear advantage with Skyrunner, which had a lot of offensive abilities along with flight.  Taking out a group of ordinary Gerzas isn't too difficult for a giant space squid to take out, but I think a single enemy with better aim, which Tormack shows off, could keep Skyrunner at bay.  And with the Sacred Shield, none of Skyrunner's or Mon*star's basic attacks could touch Tormack.  If Mon*Star didn't have complete control of the Light Star's trajectory, I could see this fight taking much longer without any clear winner.  Even with it, if Tormack could expect it to move at Mon*star's whim, I think he could have held the Light Star off pretty well, but that might have made him vulnerable to Skyrunners arsenal.

The Winner

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