Monday, March 11, 2019

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 18 - Scorch vs. Megatron

This one doesn't even seem fair - one of the most popular villains from the 80s with an appearance in every episode of his cartoon against a completely forgettable bad guy whose cartoon only lasted 5 episodes.  Still, we've got an incredible power with time travel vs. one of the retreat-heaviest losers of all time.  Luckily, I've already seen every episode I need, so let's get to the recaps.

First, let's take another look at Scorch, the leader of the Skull Squadron, a band of villainous pilots who use time travel to pull of their (very few) evil schemes.  He flies around in Scorch's Torch, an admittedly cool looking jet with flame decals on it.  Supposedly, he has been bombarded with some kind of energy that gave him some invulnerability, but there's really no hint of what level that power was in the cartoon.

Scorch made it to the second tier by defeating T-Ray from the Tigersharks.  If you want to check out that battle, click here.  For a quick recap, though, T-Ray came to Earth and, while his ship was much more armed than Scorch's Torch, Scorch was able to go back in time and ambush T-Ray, shooting him into the sea.

Next, we're looking at my favorite bad guy, Megatron, but I won't let my personal bias play into it, because I know he's a chump.  We all know Megatron's powers, but in case you didn't, he's an 18-foot tall robot from space with a cannon on his arm strong enough to blow a hole in a mountain.  He's got an energy mace on one hand, can fly, and turns into a tiny gun.  One thing to note is that he's shown to be impervious to practically any human weapons - but we'll see if Scorch's weapons are stronger than anything already out there.

To get here, Megatron defeated MASK's Miles Mayhem, and you can check out the battle here.  Megatron and Mayhem clashed while searching for a meteor, and while Miles was able to outmaneuver Megatron's aim, eventually, he was shot down.  Mayhem's mask, Viper, was able to melt some of Megatron's armor, but not before Megatron crushed him in his hand.

So we've already seen Megatron face-off against a skilled pilot, but will Scorch's flame decals help out more than a helicopter second mode?  Let's find out next week.

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