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Bad Guy Beatdown Round 19 - Results

Dr. Scarab paced around his laboratory, eagerly waiting Madame O’s report.  Ever since finding the massive bionics signature in the valley below, he’d been obsessed with finding the source of it.  His bionics-scanning eye had discovered it weeks ago while tracking the accursed Bionic Six, but the strength of it far surpassed his brother’s meager work.  What laid down in that heavily-wooded valley could only be an entire army of cybernetic-enhanced beings, rivaling his own Cyphrons. Taking the facility by force would mean casualties on either side and net him nothing.  Guile was needed, and none on his team had it to the degree of Madame O.
“She’s here,” Glove said, opening the door and allowing the female agent to enter.  
“Good!” His voice barely contained his excitement.  “What did you find out?”
“What I found out,” she answered, reaching into her jacket, “is that Doc Terror doesn’t like spies.”  She pulled a pistol out of a holster as she ripped the mask off her face, revealing long brown hair. She shot Glove in the gut, knocking him to the ground in an electric bolt, then aimed at Dr. Scarab.  
He took a step back to his mechanical throne, planning to blast this intruder, but another shot rung out next to his foot and stopped him cold.
“Not another step unless you’d like to lose your foot.”
Scarab gave a little shrug.  “It’s always replaceable, as I’m sure you know.”  He scanned her with his bionic eye but registered nothing.  “Huh, you’re the real deal. What are you doing down there with all those bionics?”
“Whatever we please,” she hissed.
Dr. Scarab laughed.  “Yes, I guess so. It’s what I would do if I had that much power.  Oh, that’s right, I already do! Cyphrons, attack!”
Doors slid open in two walls in the room, revealing row after row of robotic soldiers.
The intruder turned his pistol to the closest of the drones as they marched into the room, giving Dr. Scarab a chance to reach his throne and slam his fist down onto the controls.  A blaster folded out of the side and shot the woman, knocking her unconscious. “Glove, come get this intruder and take her to the energy cells.” He glanced at his still prone minion.  “No rush, take your time.”
He sat down and pondered the woman lying before him.  Even without Scarabs bionic-masking system, her disguise was enough to get past Glove and even himself.  She was good, which meant the person she was defending was even better. Oh, and Madame O was missing, he thought but dismissed it quickly.
Before he had a chance to summon Mechanic and Chopper to remove the unconscious bodies from his lab, his eye detected a bionic signature just outside of his facility.  Another arrived behind it, then another and the readings kept growing until the entire sky above him was red with heat signatures. The roof of his lab fractured under the fire of dozens of lasers, spilling concrete rubble all around him.  Scarab hid under the cover of his throne as the smoke cleared and a squadron of flying robots flooded his vision, each one of them aiming a blaster at him.

Doc Terror strode into the meager lab, holding the limp body of a man by the head with the robotic claw on his right arm.  He tossed the man in overalls onto the floor and set his sights on the doctor cowering in a large metal chair. His attention went to the woman on the floor surrounded by the rubble from the roof’s implosion.  “Amber!” His concern for her immediately transformed to anger as he pointed his robotic arm at the doctor’s throne. The claw at the end launched in a flare of rocket fire and punched threw the chair’s metal, forcing the portly doctor to run behind a mainframe computer.  
“Cyphrons, attack!” the doctor yelled and the robots at the fringes of the room came to life, turning their sights to Terror.  A row of robots stepped forward and raised their arms, each one holding an energy whip. Before they could follow through with the attack, the drones flying above the lab blasted them to bits.
“Don’t stop fighting!” he screamed when the following robots reacted to their brethren dying by remaining completely still.  They all activated at once and surrounded Doc Terror, aiming various weapons at him. A second wave of the robots appeared from behind the first, firing at the Air Drones, destroying a few before forcing the rest to retreat.
Fire and smoke filled the room from extensions hiding the Cyphrons, followed by laser fire blasting the robots in the rear.  As each one fell, they were replaced by a Traumatizer Drone, the missile in the middle of their torso aimed at the throne in the middle of the room. In no time, every one of the Cyphrons was destroyed, leaving only spindly metal remains.
“Eh-he, I don’t suppose you’re interested in working together,” the doctor said, his head emerging from behind his chair.
“No,” Terror answered, loading a missile into the port at the end of his robotic arm, “I already have one bumbling lackey.”  With that, he fired the missile, streaking across the room and pulverizing the throne, sending the doctor smashing against the wall behind him.  
Impressively, the doctor, bleeding from a massive gash in his left side and blood oozing from behind his bionic eye, got to his feet. "Hail me," he muttered placing his hand over the amulet on his chest. His body pulsed with a green light and hefted a massive chunk of his chair over his head.  “You’ll have to do better than that, you cybernetic simpleton.”
“Gladly.” He swiped his arm towards the doctor and the surrounding Traumatizer drones fired their missiles, pummeling him with explosions that quickly turned him into a spattering of blood and metal shavings. With the doctor out of the way and his robotic minions demolished, Doc Terror checked on Amber, awake and protected from harm by the watchful eyes of his Air Drones. "Excellent work," he told her, then went about examining the robot remains. "This will make excellent fodder for my army of drones.

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Compared to each other, Doc Terror and Dr. Scarab are pretty similar - sure, Terror's cybernetics are more on display than Scarab's but neither has a particular advantage over the other, one's stronger, and one has weapons built in.  But the big difference is when we talk about their robots.  Dr. Scarab's Cyphrons are pretty pathetic.  They're spindly, have weak weapons, and they fall apart at the drop of a hat.  Doc Terror not only has bigger, stronger, and more heavily-armed robots, he has different kinds so he can bring the fight on multiple fronts.  Not to mention Centurions shows Doc Terror's army in total to be way bigger than Dr. Scarab's.  

The Winner

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 19 - Dr. Scarab vs Doc Terror

And I thought Round 4 with two of my favorite villains fighting off was more than a coincidence - now we have two doctors, both of them working with cybernetics, and leading an army of robotic drones.  It's like it was meant to be!

Let's take a look first at Dr. Scarab (and I apologize for his name getting cut off, I don't have the image to edit anymore).  Dr. Scarab was obsessed with improving himself and his minions with bionics, but his were never up to par with his brother's, which were used on the Bionic Six family.  In the show, he doesn't actually display a lot of powers of his own - he does have a bionic-detecting eye, and has a modicum of super-strength, tossing around Mother-1 like she was nothing.  He can also change his appearance with a bionics masking device.  But the one thing that will help him here is his army of Cyphrons, robots armed with energy whips and blasters.  They're not particularly large or menacing but they're definitely numerous. 

I had a bit of trouble in his battle with Big Boss considering neither of them does much in their cartoons - Big Boss hardly ever leave his office or displays any powers, so I had to match up a few of each of their minions to fight.  In the end, Dr. Scarab won just by scaring Big Boss into surrendering.  Not much of a victory.

On to Doc Terror, someone I had a lot more knowledge about since I loved Centurions as a kid.  Doc Terror replaced a lot more than just an eye with cybernetics - half of his body is robotic!  He's able to replace his robot hand with various weapons, including a claw and a blaster.  Hid robot body doesn't show any super-strength as he's also not a real combatant, mostly relying on his drone army.  As big as Dr. Scarab's army might be (especially since they don't really show how big it is), Doc Terror's absolutely dwarfs it.  It's made up of four different models, built to operate on land, in the air, and on the water.  He's also shown the ability to create a ton of different cybernetic drones very quickly out of local fauna, making robotic fish, whales, dinosaurs, and even people, all under his direct control.

In fact, that's how he beat his previous opponent, Umbra from Mighty Orbots - he took control of the super-computer's Shadowbots and used them to attack Umbra directly. 

Considering both Drs. robot armies, Dr. Scarab is going to lose the use of his henchmen from his first fight.  This fight will come down to which army is stronger, and whose mastery of bionic technology is stronger.