Sunday, June 16, 2019

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 20 - Venger vs. Saw Boss.

Some of these fights I go into with a pretty good idea of how it’s going to go.  The combatants are pretty evenly matched or at the very least of similar origin or powers.  Then there are matches like this one that I just have no idea. They’re so completely different in every way – one’s magical, the other’s a mutant, one’s human looking, the other’s a plant/vehicle.  One’s from another dimension and the other’s from space. There’s just no conceivable way to compare them easily.

I guess we have to start somewhere and today it’s Venger.  Here’s my initial analysis, but I had to watch a few more episodes to get a full 13.  Originally, he’s shown to shoot energy blasts or throw fireballs from his hands, create illusions or make him look like someone else, fly (only on his horse), and reflect just about any magical attack against him.  Most of those powers show up in the 3 new episodes with a little expansion – he was able to catch one of Hank’s energy arrows and throw them back. One new ability showed up, and even though it’s used only once and has to be ignored in the fight, he turned into a giant dragon monster thing. Can't find a picture of it, but believe me, it's weird looking.
As a reminder for how Venger got here, he was pitted against Lady Diabolyn from Wildfire.  His power was strong enough to lock away her patrons, the Specters of Evil before engulfing Diabolyn’s castle in flame and burning it to cinders.
Venger’s opponent is the leader of the Monster Minds, Saw Boss.  You can read my initial thoughts on him here, and nothing has really changed since he appeared in the first 13 episodes I watched.  He has telepathic control over his minions and can see anything they see. He can teleport his headquarters in the blink of an eye over any distance (though I did mention there’s no real benefit to this unless he wants to join the fight).   His main power is becoming a giant version of his Saw Blades trooper, giving him a giant spinning blade on his back and two front-mounted blasters. In this version he can control a large pack of vines on his back as well, using them as whips or binding his opponents.
You can read how he got to this point here, but for the cliffnotes version, he trapped General Spidrax from Sectaurs in a net of vines to keep him from flying away, then caught him with the vines on the back of his Saw Blades mode before pulling him down and slicing him in half.
With how different the two fighters are, I’m having a hard time figuring out who has the best advantage.  It’s going to be an interesting fight, to say the least.