Tuesday, April 6, 2021

An Unplanned Update?!

 As I sit here on April 6th, I feel I have made considerable progress on Old School Evil, both on the second book and just the brand as a whole.  When I say considerable, I do need to say that's compared to the last year where I hadn't been doing much at all with it, so keep that in mind.

A while ago I listened to Adam Savage's book Every Tool's a Hammer: Life is What You Make It. I am a big fan of his work on Mythbusters and his One Day Builds on his Tested YouTube channel, and I pretty often will put on a video just to listen to him talk through his crafting process while I'm washing dishes or something.  I love his enthusiasm for his craft and the subject of his work as well, so I thought his book, narrated by himself, would be pretty cool to listen to (I do audiobooks almost exclusively, with one recent exception, which I'll get to in a second).  

The book goes through a lot of his processes and it goes in-depth in the Makers' craft, but also goes into general tips that work for practically anyone doing creative work.  The part I caught on the most was how he builds lists and checks things off.  After finishing the audiobook, I returned it to the library and went on with my life, not really taking any of his advice in anything I was doing.

Months later, after languishing in procrastination, I thought back to Adam's book and decided I needed to actually digest everything he said.  I actually bought a copy of the book so I could go through the chapters on lists and checkboxes deadlines.  Oh those deadlines, my mortal enemy!  

I think I've cobbled a system together that's been working for me the last month or so.  I've got my massive list of everything I need to do for Old School Evil, the Retro Network, the Prototytan Project (an old 3D modeling and printing idea I was playing with a long time ago that I've been rethinking), and pretty much everything else in my life.

So the first thing that I've been doing is writing on the book again.  I've outlined the next major scene in Old School Evil 2 and I've started writing it out as well.  I have two big scenes left in the book, with some interconnecting bits and the epilogue and end parts to finish it up.  I've got reasonable deadlines for each of those parts and if everything goes right, I should be done with the 2nd draft by the end of the month.  I've got deadlines in place for the rest of the drafts and plan on having the book completed by the end of November.

Why November you ask?  Because one thing Adam says in his book is that deadlines should be relevant to what I'm doing.  I had tried doing deadlines before but I'd give arbitrary dates, the end of the year or my birthday or something and I'd blow through them because they didn't matter.  So I've decided what my relevant deadline would be - Emerald City Comic-Con!  Yeah, Seattle's not really close to me, and I've never been to a comic-con nearly this big, but I figure it would be a cool event to try to sell in, and my wife and I have been wanting to visit there for years.  And it's the only comic-con on the west coast that is in a timeframe that I could reasonably finish the book, so that works out perfectly.

I've also been working on the new cover for book 1 that could be updated to give book 2 a similar style.  I've contacted an artist online to start the commission process.  I need to update him on the whole order and get some process from him, but I'm super excited to get the ball rolling further.

On the Retro Network front, I have posted a few new articles there - Toylines that Deserved a Cartoon and Ring Raiders: Crashing on Take-Off - and I have a new one coming out soon about Cartoon Reboots.  The second part of that about Cartoon Movies should be posted a week or so later, and I have a few more things planned afterward, so keep an eye out at the Retro Network.

That's about all the progress I've made lately.  I know it doesn't sound like much but compared to everything that's come before it since the whole Covid thing, I feel like a freaking whirlwind.  Expect more updates like this too, because it feels great having stuff to actually post here more than every six months.