Sunday, January 2, 2022

2021 Wrap-Up

So we've made it. We've survived the shitshow that was 2021. Give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far. How did you do in 2021? Did you complete your goals for the year? Did you even set any besides coming out alive?

I can say for me, creatively at least, 2021 was a mixed bag. For the first half of the year, I was extremely motivated and did some good work. I posted a few things at the Retro Network in January. I made some good progress on Old School Evil 2 and got it in front of my critique group for some feedback, which has been overwhelmingly positive. And I started working earnestly on the Second Edition of Old School Evil 1. 

But then I got a new job and everything seemed to go downhill from there. The first few months were okay since I was doing training, but once I started doing the actual job, everything just stalled out. I quit the job and moved back to my old position a few months later, planning to  more productive with the free time there, but somehow the free time I remember having in the office didn't quite materialize.

This was no more evident than when NaNo reared its head in November. I jumped in with the plan to do all my writing at work, but combined with a busier workload, a visit from my mom that got cancelled due to a surgery I needed, which also got cancelled due to my whole family getting sick. I gave up halfway through the month with just 17k words of the 50k completed. 

December started with that cancelled surgery. I hoped that maybe I could write while recovering, but having a catheter all weekend put a stop to that plan pretty quickly.

And then Christmas. Christmas is always a stressful time around my house but I don't think I need to get into why. It's that way for everyone. I bowed out of two meetings with my critique group, which means I'm two chapters behind on my editing.

So while the beginning of the year showed a lot of promise, the second half of 2021 was nothing but a lot of setbacks and procrastination. I'm hoping that this year I can turn it around, so next week I'm going to post my goals. 

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  1. Hopefully this year will go as you wanted. It's a crazy time and don't feel bad as sounds like you have had it crazier than most. Take care and looking forward to reading your book whenever it's published.. it's worth the wait.