Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday Wrap-Up - 1/17/18

Sorry I missed last week - with Blogger being blocked at my work and the official Android app sucking balls, I had to find a workaround. Luckily, BloggerPro stepped up and I can do decent posts from there while sitting at my desk avoiding work.

So the big news is that I sent of Old School Evil to my editor and am waiting on the corrections to come back. Should be next week! After that, I need to make a lot of changes and the manuscript is done. Well, besides rearranging and naming the chapters. And all the stuff in the appendix.

Next up is the cover which I'm afraid to say I haven't worked on it at all.  I had a perfect opportunity to do it last night and played Fallout 4 all night instead. I don't know why I'm avoiding it, but it's really putting my publishing timeline in question, which bums me out. And that keeps me from doing just about anything.

I really need a refill on my antidepressants...

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 9 Overlord vs. Overlord Part 2

Today we're looking at the other Overlord, just Overlord this time. As opposed to many of the villains on this site who have tried to take over the world (or whatever they're trying to do), this guy had practically succeeded already. He's created the Spiral Zone, a massive cloud that has overtaken half the world and enslaved anyone inside it.

Before we get into his powers, let's talk about the Zone for a bit. Inside the Zone are generators that produce some kind of radiation or energy that creates a bluish cloud. Everyone inside that cloud grows big red lesions all over their bodies, there eyes turn yellow and they become zombies of a sorry who have no will to do anything.

Except of course, Overlord's will. Since he created the Zone, he had some sort of power over those inside, which he calls "Zoners". As soon as they're infected, he's able to control their minds, though people with a strong will, like military members might be able to resist for a while.  His mental command even works through television monitors. He's also given free will to four minions he calls the Black Widows. I forgot to add this in, but while most Zone Generators are massive buildings that can infect an entire city, Overlord had two smaller version - a pocket-sized generator Phil enough to encapsulate a large building and a helmet for single-target infection.

Unfortunately, that seems to be about the only power he has. He wears a stupid helmet, and even if it looks like antennas, they don't serve any real propose. Here's still got a few weapons, like a rifle or pistol, which he had lost soon with, and he has a backpack that shoots blackout missiles. Sometimes he wears another bigger backpack, but even though it's covered in spikes, he never uses it.

One last advantage he has is the Bullwhip Cannon. This 8-wheeled tank is his personal artillery, capable of during explosive shells (though it doesn't show a lot of damage per shot) and I'm a pretty cool move, shoots explosive bolos, which blew up a giant fallen tree.  He also possesses a jet called the Intruder, but it doesn't have a good track record, so not much point in adding it to his advantages.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Top 5 Cartoons that Deserve a Reboot like She-ra

With the news of Netflix rebooting She-ra on the heels of their incredible Voltron series, I thought it would be great to look at five more cartoons that deserve a second chance by creators that grew up watching them.

Sky Commanders
Sky Commanders had a great premise - a massive energy source opens I fissure in the South Pacific ocean and creates a brand new continent. Made up of rough spires of rock that it up into the sky, the landscape is only accessable to mountaineers using ziplines to navigate it. Mike Summit leads the Sky Commanders I'm keeping the energy source from General Plague's Raiders.
The Reason
I'm always a sucker for cartoons that have the world in danger as the setting.
The Reboot
Get rid of the ziplines - they were a cool action features in the old days, but outdated now. Update them to jetpacks! I would also increase the stakes by making the energy source and new continent be a real threat to the rest of the planet, so Summit had to fight not only the Raiders (who I'd rename) and the continual spread of the radiation.

Wildfire follows the story of Princess Sara of Shan-dar, sent away to live on Earth to protect her from her evil aunt, Lady Diabolyn and her Specters of Evil. Her only bridge between the land is the noble taking horse, Wildfire.
The ReasonWith the popularity of Netflix's Spirit Riding Free, it's obvious that the story between a girl and her horse can be a success. 
The Reboot
The biggest change I would make is turning Lady Diabolyn and her Goons into a real threat while introducing a cast of supporting characters.

The Inhumanoids centered on massive elementals released on the surface of the planet and the Earth Force that fights against them.
The Reason
Inhumanoids was more than just a kids cartoon, it was a horror show, showing people being corrupted into monsters and a giant walking corpse that ate everything in his see-through stomach. There's really nothing else like it anywhere.
The Reboot
Why even change anything? This cartoon was great as it was and only needed a chance to tell the rest of its story.

Blackstar told the story of Astronaut John Blackstar after being pulled through a black hole and crash landing on the planet Sagar. Granted powers by his half of the PowerStar, he fought against the Overlord, a tyrant that wants to unite the two halves of the series and rule the planet.
The Reason
While He-Man is obviously coming it off She-ra's reboot, I don't think it would take a lot of work to connect this show with her as well.
The Reboot
First off, get rid of the Trobbits. One annoying sidekick is bad enough, but six of them? I might have to update my account sidekick post after revisiting this show. If set the show immediately after he lands on the planet and show how he gained the series. I'd also give Klone and Mara a bigger focus, and give Overlord a bigger range of powers.

Image courtesy of Master Turtle Customs

Dinosaucers was the story about aliens that were somehow related to dinosaurs (it's not really spelled out). Upon coming to Earth, the good guys meet four humans who help them fight against the Tyrannos, while using an ability called Dinovolving, which allows the good guys to turn into full dinosaur forms.
The Reason
With how popular dinosaurs are now with Jurassic World 2 coming out soon, it's a no-brainer that a dinosaur-themed cartoon would come out.
The Reboot
I'd switch the Dinovolving ability from the Dinosaucers to the Tyrannos, giving the bad guys an advantage that the good guys need to work hard to overcome. I'd also make the link between the Dinosaucers and our prehistory more deliberate and possibly have the original of the Earth threatened by their actions.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 9 - Overlord vs. Overlord

Before I begin, I need to make a clarification. In Blackstar, the main villain is referred to as the Overlord, not just Overlord. I didn't notice it until I was researching for this fight.

Anyway, on to the fighter. Overlord is fittingly, the roller of the planet Sagar, where Astronaut John Blackstar crash lands after being sucked through a wormhole. The Overlord seems to unite the two halves of the PowerStar, a relief that would give him unimaginable power. He possesses half of it, the Power Sword while Blackstar wields the other half, the Star Sword. Each half of the PowerStar is still very powerful, granting abilities to each of their owners.

The Overlord is down using his Power Sword in 8 of the show's thirteen episodes, with him not making an appearance in 4 of the episodes and only showing up on a monitor in the last one. If those episodes he did appear in, the Overlord uses the Power Sword to shoot beams if energy and, in contrast to the usual Filmation patented white energy blasts, these do quit a bit of damage, blowing holes in stone walls and making boulders explode. While the Overlord had pretty good song with the series, he's not a very good swordsman, being bested by Blackstar in the few times they fought with them. 

Other powers granted by the sword - when powered up, the energy is so bright it's blinding, it can project an image of where the other half is located, and can deflect energy blasts from the other half (presumably it can block other energy blasts as well). It also grants immense strength to the user, allowing the Overlord to survive getting crushed by a rockslide. Blackstar is shown to lift a boulder over his head, and we can estimate Overlord can too.

The Overlord himself is no slouch, capable of plenty of feats, like levitating the sword to his hand if he loses it, some sort of flight (either hovering or turning himself into a tornado), and hypnotising someone with beams from his eyes, though that one might be attributed to Vizier, the Overlord's companion. 

Other one-off powers he has include creating a sandstorm from his hands, and shooting energy from his hands without the sword. Seeing that Blackstar hasn't shown those powers, they could be the Overlord's personal abilities, it they could be found in the writing. Seeing as Bad Guy Beatdown only users powers that show up more than one time, most of these won't apply to the fight, but the levitation will be kept. 

Make sure to check back next week when we'll look at the Overlord's opponent, Spiral Zone's own Overlord.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wednesday Wrap-Up - 1/3/18

2018 is promising a lot of big things for Old School Evil.  Well, not a lot of big things, but one big thing - publishing the novel in the next month and a half.  I've found my editor - Edit for Indies.  Gabriella made a great impression on me while I was searching, and I don't mean just because she's the most affordable for my book-length. She caught something none of the others did without making big changes to it.  I'm very happy with her and even better, she's got the availability to keep my book on track.  Now to make that damned cover.

I'm also pushing harder on my social media platforms.  I finally topped 300 followers on Twitter and have started to be a little more aggressive with posts and shares and connecting with other fans.  On Facebook, I am almost to that many followers, and I've joined a huge and supportive group of other authors.  Please send a like my way if you're reading this and you haven't. already.  I'm just trying to post more on both and hopefully will have a lot more online friends by the time the book goes out.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bad Guy Beatdown Recap

It's 2018 and Old School Evil is back in action!  This year promises big things for Old School Evil, most of which I will save for tomorrow's wrap-up post, but one thing I'm looking for is finishing the 80s cartoon villain tournament, Bad Guy Beatdown!  We've gone through half of the first tier so far, and we've got a year to finish it up.  Luckily, once I go through the rest of the first tier, I won't have to do the respect posts for each combatant, so it'll go a lot quicker.  Before we move onto the next battle though, I think it's a good time to recap what has happened so far.

After abducting Evil-Lyn, the Queen plans to add Eternia to her Crown Empire.  Skeletor goes to face the would-be world conqueror, claiming to be the rightful ruler of the planet.  Even though her telepathic abilities were great, Skeletor's stronger and more varied powers protected him.  He discovers her powers and Slaver Lords were linked to the Psychocrystals in her throne room. Skeletor destroys them, putting her in a coma, before stealing one for himself.

Having crashed on New Texas on his way back to Gobotron, Cy-Kill caught the attention of Stampede. Tex Hex attacked Cy-Kill, thinking he was Bravestarr's replacement stead, especially after Cy-Kill changed to robot mode.  Cy-Kill flew around Tex Hex's laser fire, but he couldn't evade the giant fire snakes that grabbed him out of the sky.  As Cy-Kill struggled to escape the serpents' grasp, Tex Hex blasted the Go-Bot's metal skull off before crushing his organic brain.

T-Ray comes to Earth while chasing the Tigersharks, butt Scorch finds him first.  Impressed with the Manterra's space-flying capabilities, he attack's T-Ray but is quickly out-gunned.  T-Ray manages to disable most systems of Scorch's Torch, and revels in his victory when the attacker disappears.  Instead of retreating though, Scorch used his plane's time travel powers and blew the Manterra out of the sky as soon as it entered Earth's atmosphere. 

In search of a cosmic meteor, Megatron and Miles Mayhem clash.  Switchblade avoids most of Megatron's cannon fire in helicopter mode, but when he changed to jet mode, the lack on maneuverability lets allows Megatron to score a hit.  Mayhem bails and faces off against Megatron one-on-one; the acid from his viper mask is stronger enough to damage even Cybertronian metal, but not fast enough to stop Megatron from crushing him in an iron fist.

Doc Terror and Hacker detect super strong metal in the Shadow Star and fly out to mine it, unaware of Umbra's presence inside.  The sentient computer sends hordes of Shadowbeasts to attack him, making easy work of the Terrordrone army.  Running out of options, Doc Terror throws the defeated Shadowbeasts into his cyborg making machine, creating a new army of monstrous cyborgs capable of destroying the Shadow Fortress with Umbra inside.

Dr. Scarab's bionic henchmen are about to break into a cybernetics lab, but Big Boss's minions beat them to it.  Dr. Scarab's bionic detecting eye finds out they're wearing mechanical suits, but they were no match for Dr. Scarab's superior bionic handiwork.  With his leadership, Glove and the Mechanic defeat Big Boss's goons.  Using their Bionic masking device, they sneak into Big Boss's office and he immediately surrenders without a fight.  

Looking to bolster his powers, Venger visits Lady Diaolyn's castle under the guise of a partnership.  She immediately accepts, planning to marry him and become queen.  He admits he doesn't care about her and only wants the Specters of Darkness.  Furious, she uses their powers to transform into a dragon, but since she's nowhere near as powerful as Tiamat, he defeats her and, seeing how weak the Specters are, destroys them.

Finding the planet Symbion rich with vegetation, Saw Boss sends the Monster Minds to investigate.  Thinking the plant vehicles are new mounts for Warriors of the Light, General Spidrax defeats a group of troopers and gains Saw Boss's attention.  He teleports to the planet and faces off with Spidrax, changing into a giant Saw Trooper.  Initially avoiding Saw Boss's attacks by flying out of reach, Spidrax is caught in a net of vines and is sliced apart.

Round 9 - Overlord vs. Overlord
Next week, we'll be getting back to new matches and meeting the first of the two combatants as the worlds of Spiral Zone and Blackstar clash!  If you want to go back and see any of the respect posts for any of the villains that have fought before, make sure to click here for the main post.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-Up - 12/13/2017

This month has just about killed me.  My family has run into so many troubles this month that I don't think I can do anything else but stay afloat.  A week after my roof opened up and leaked into my bedroom and office, I rear-ended a pick-up and totaled my car.  My insurance has to be shaking its head about now.

It's gotten me to realize that I need to take a bit of a break.  Old School Evil is going to go on hiatus for the rest of the year - with a few exceptions, in case Banzai Retro Club is going to have a crossover post for Christmas.  With the 8th round of Bad Guy Beatdown just finished up, the first tier is halfway done, so it feels like a good time to take a break.  I'll post a summary in the beginning of January and we'll go on to our next fight - Overloard vs Overloard, Spiral Zone's and Blackstar's villains.

Once the new year starts, I'll jump back in to editing, writing, and design works for Old School Evil and the sequel.  But until then... I'm done with 2017.