"Very great blend of cartoon references and great original characters. Calling it Ready Player One for cartoons would be selling it short." - A. C. Merkel, Author of Her Name is Murder 

The Story

After accidentally killing his foster parents, Jayce believes he is Earth's lone werewolf, living on the streets to hide his monstrous side. Jayce survives a deadly invitation to meet his real father and goes to HIDDEN BROOK, the world's only supervillain retirement home.

There he meets MAX MALICE and learns there are many stranger things in the world than himself - In Max's prime, robots, ghosts, and dinosaur clones used to threaten mankind on a weekly basis. Jayce needs to find their children to stop his father's one last attempt at world domination.

Old School Evil celebrates the cartoons of the 80s and their over-the-top villains - Megatron, Miles Mayhem, Skeletor, and the others that used to hold our weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings hostage.


The Author


Brian Cave was born in the '70s, but is an '80s kid through and through. Growing up glued to the television, watching cartoons every morning and afternoon gave him an appreciation for colorful heroes, hair-brained schemes, and hopeless villains. A fan of all types of animation, he earned a degree in visual art while writing fanfiction of his favorite cartoons, until creating a slew of his own while building the world of Old School Evil.


Brian is also a contributor to The Retro Network. He lives with his geeky wife, their son, and a collection of over 100 Megatrons.


Book Reviews

"I ... recommend that you read this book as it takes you to a world of good vs evil, heroes vs villains, origin stories combined with present-day adventure, and fathers and children as you ponder if villains ever make good…"

- Realweegiemidget Reviews

"This book probably has my favorite ending of any book this year."


"As a middle-aged man who still watches cartoons, I loved the concept of this book! As I read and got to know the different characters, I could easily picture myself, sitting on the floor as a kid, eating my Cap’n Crunch and watching these on a Saturday morning."

- Amazon Review