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Falling Behind

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Last year, I was on a roll. In January, I published a bunch of stuff on the Retro Network, I made some great progress on Old School Evil 2, and even got Old School Evil Second Edition mostly ready to publish. Then in May, everything screeched to a halt. I also ways assumed it was the new job that I got around the same time, but this year, things have followed a similar pattern. The first few months of 2022 were some of my most determined and productive. And then March hit and again, I started falling behind, and I just don't get it.

So, my goal earlier this month was to get the first draft of Old School Evil 3 finished. It was my 2021 NaNo project but I had to give up halfway through, though I can't remember the reason. I gave myself a few months to finish the draft and had to push out the deadline a few times. At this point, I've decided to put it on the back burner and focus on some background stuff. I'm hoping I can get back to it soon and finish it.

Unfortunately, work might be the reason I've fallen behind again this year. I went back to my previous job a few months into the new one, hoping I'd have the free time I used to and it hasn't worked out. One of my coworkers left, so it's been busier than, well, it's ever been.

I'm still devoted to my previous goals: publishing Old School Evil 2, writing the last book of the trilogy, continuing the new Retro Network series I started (GoBots will be the next installment), but I think giving myself hard deadlines is just setting myself up for disappointment and failure. So for right now, the only thing on my calendar is getting Old School Evil 2 on Amazon in September and luckily I'm getting some great feedback from my writing group so not a whole of edits to make.

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