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Citizen Robo

Citizen Robo

For those that are familiar with the origin of Old School Evil, the good guys and bad guys are inspired by the cartoons I used to watch as a kid. And what's one of the most important things a great cartoon need? A cool logo! All the good cartoons have title images that are really recognizable. So I've made them up for a lot of the characters in Old School Evil.

Some of the cartoons I've made up only have logos and some don't so the whole name needs to be designed. I've got the Hurricanines logo made up but never figured out what the name is supposed to look like. But Citizen Robo doesn't have an insignia, so I designed the full name.

Citizen Robo is about a giant robot made to defend a mad scientist in a castle. Before the scientist died, he gave the robot free will and released it into the world. The robot chose to be a hero and defended his city, but considering his robot was basically a giant head on little legs, he never fit in with the humans. He built a humanoid body, downloaded his AI into it and updated his bigger robot body to be piloted by his new body, ask so the city could think he was a real person.

All of the bad guys in Citizen Robo are also big robots, all piloted by criminals including Drillbit, a giant automated hand drill on tank treads and Sawbones, a massive table saw capable of launching its blade like a yoyo. Yes, the robots are intentionally goofy: the show is partially inspired by Inspector Gadget, after all.

Anyways, let me know what you think of the logo and hopefully I can sketch up a design for Citizen Robo some day soon.

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